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Episode 05: Tea, Cake and Casual Violence – SKETCH, PLEASE

Episode 5 of Sketch, Please! is ready to rock your world with an array of sketches that will punch you in your funny bone. The internet has sent us their finest comedy sketches and performance talents and now we have built a sketch show just for you! There might have been a few beers involved so be

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Episode 02: Theatre, Radio and other Drama – SKETCH, PLEASE!

Episode 2 of Sketch, Please! listener-submitted sketches reflect on everything from the NHS to DVD commentaries with a whole lot of fun!

Episode 01: Dogs, Condoms and other Misunderstandings – SKETCH, PLEASE!

On the very first episode of Sketch, Please! Timmy the Dog pays Enid Blyton a visit, explorers argue about supplies, the public image of Midsommer gets called in to question and more.