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Episode 15: Prison, Brit Pop and Other Brief Encounters

The latest Sketch, Please! has cops, prison, courts, plus music, aeroplanes and… quickies…

Episode 14: Holidays, Talking Fish and Other Disappointments

The latest Sketch, Please! has Ugly babies, priests and app dealers, for all your podcast needs.

Series 1: Episode 2 – What’s Up Doc?

Johnny finally has a legitimate murder case to solve. Problem is, it looks like it could well be the perfect crime. Johnny is forced to leave no stone unturned and pull in every favour. Even if he has to get help from forensic scientist Dr. Jekyll… and the unpredictable Mr. Hyde.

Series 1: Episode 1 – Out For The Count

Count Dracula has been shot. The fact that it couldn’t possibly kill him is beside the point. Someone is out for vampire blood, and it’s down to Johnny to find the culprit before someone gets hurt and the bar closes.

Episode 03: Stalkers, Genres and other Obsessions – SKETCH, PLEASE!

Sketch Please Episode 3 takes a turn for the bizarre with sci-fi, gangsters and reality television abound… kind of.