Episode 24: Jim and Bob the Musicians turned Writers – ED & FRIENDS

We’re back from our summer break and we started with a bang. Except that Ed got a little bit drunk with his friends!

Jim McCreddie and Bob Good’s time in the music business left them with an epic back catalogue of crazy characters and weird stories. Now they’re producing a comedy web series all about it. It doesn’t have a name yet, but Ed talks to Jim and Bob all about the process of just getting up and producing their own material.

Jim and Bob share a few of the weird stories that inspired, discuss their comedy heroes and what it’s like to work with friends. The first episode of the show is out this Autumn, and follows the story of a failing band, finding the lighter side to the trials and tribulations of the music business.

Fired up on a fine smorgasbord of supermarket beers, they also invent a new game called Incorrect Impressions, but by that time they are quite drunk and silly. We’ll be keeping you up to date as the series develops

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Episode 03: Alec the Arctic Explorer (feat. Ellie Grice) – ED & FRIENDS

This week we have a genuine explorer on the podcast! And Ellie Grice! You know, from Giggle Loop!

DSC00776_3322363bAlec Greenwell, as well as being one of Ed’s oldest and dearest friends, is also one of two madmen who braved polar bears, wolves and frostbite as they attempted to retrace the 1938 Arctic expedition of legendary British explorer David Haig-Thomas. On foot!

Alec tells stories of food, pain and danger. And Ed mainly sits there, awestruck.

IMG_0030Co-hosting and equally struck with awe is Ed’s Giggle Loop cohort, the lovely Ellie Grice! As well as being one of a three-part comedy group with Giggle Loop, a two-part comedy duo with Red Beard, she is a solo renaissance lady and comedian on particularly good behaviour.

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And for the curious, here’s a map of where the expedition took Alec Greenwell the expedition.

Haig-Thomas Map