Episode 03: Alec the Arctic Explorer (feat. Ellie Grice) – ED & FRIENDS

This week we have a genuine explorer on the podcast! And Ellie Grice! You know, from Giggle Loop!

DSC00776_3322363bAlec Greenwell, as well as being one of Ed’s oldest and dearest friends, is also one of two madmen who braved polar bears, wolves and frostbite as they attempted to retrace the 1938 Arctic expedition of legendary British explorer David Haig-Thomas. On foot!

Alec tells stories of food, pain and danger. And Ed mainly sits there, awestruck.

IMG_0030Co-hosting and equally struck with awe is Ed’s Giggle Loop cohort, the lovely Ellie Grice! As well as being one of a three-part comedy group with Giggle Loop, a two-part comedy duo with Red Beard, she is a solo renaissance lady and comedian on particularly good behaviour.

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And for the curious, here’s a map of where the expedition took Alec Greenwell the expedition.

Haig-Thomas Map