Episode 28: Leanna the Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare Actor – ED & FRIENDS

Dead Drunk Detective is launching this Monday and we happen to share a cast member with the smash West End and Edinburgh Fringe show Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare. They perform an entire Shakespeare play, but every night, one cast member is a babbling drunk. It’s why they call it Sh!t-Faced.

The talented Leanna Wigginton tells Ed about her acting training, her start with the company and the birth of “Horny Helena” in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

To find out more about Leanna’s other endeavours with Sandy & Danni, check out their Twitter Page as well as their YouTube Channel.

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Reading through Episodes 1-3 – DEAD DRUNK DETECTIVE

This Saturday, a merry of band misanthropes will perform Dead Drunk Detective episodes 1 to 3 in front of a live audience at The Actor’s Temple on Warren Street. And in preparation for this, Podcast Adventures hosted a delightful sit-down read through of the marvellous scripts written by Brendan Way.

There was pizza. There were drinks. The cast that we have assembled is such a wonderful bunch of goofballs, each one as eager to make each other laugh as to help each other get laughs. we can honestly say that whatever the podcast turns in to in the end, the process is going to be made so very enjoyable by this lovely bunch.

Expect to see more than a few costumes on display when we take to the stage this Saturday. Tickets are FREE, so check the details at our Live in the Rotten Flesh Page and prepare for a show that will steal your heart and braaaaains…

Episode 25: Steve the Improv Guru – ED & FRIENDS

This week on Ed & Friends; lots of lessons and laughter from improv comedy legend and founder of  Hoopla, Steve Roe!


Steve has made a name for himself teaching and performing improvised comedy. In 2006, he and his friends started meeting above a pub in Balham and eventually created Hoopla, which has since become a comedy community with weekly shows, its own festival and a platter of classes and courses that are training and showcasing comedians in the heart of London.

Steve gives Ed a potted history of improv and chats about making things up on the spot, breaking the rules and keeping a healthy disrespect for the art form. He also shares a soon to be award winning story about some Spanish tourists and a bookshop toilet.

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Episode 19: 6 Month Celebration – ED & FRIENDS

This week on the Ed and Friends Podcast, Ed and producer Kat celebrate 6 months of the show with some top clips.


IMG_5265A huge thank you to all of our wonderful guests, and thanks to you for listening! We’ll be back next week with another great interview, but if you know someone unusual and brilliant you think Ed should be talking to, why not let us know! You can get in touch with us by emailing on mail@podcastadventures.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Episode 09: Mike the Puppeteer – ED & FRIENDS

This week on Ed & Friends, Ed has a very special guest in the form of filmmaker, improviser and puppeteer, Mike Hutcherson.


Proof that Mike can make a puppet out of anything.

Since watching Labyrinth as a child, Mike’s interests have been three-fold: comedy, story-telling and puppetry. As a student, Mike learned about narratives, mythology and theatre. As a man he has juggled filmmaking and puppeteering careers that have taken him everywhere from Disney to his own improv troupe Glitch – The Improvised Puppet Show. Ed and Mike chat about it all, with more than a few laughs on the way.

DISCLAIMER: By virtue of talking about Labyrinth as much as we do, we talk a bit about the beloved and recently departed David Bowie. The recording itself took place a week before his death, but we kept this segment in as we felt that it paid tribute to his work and his person in a way that inspired us as children and still inspires us today.

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You find out more about Mike, check out his Twitter Page. If you want to see the fantastic Glitch, their gigs are posted on their Facebook Page.

Don’t forget to have a look at the sketches Ed and Mike have been filming on Hoopla’s YouTube Channel:

Ladies and gentleman… Sketch, Please!

Podcast Adventures are launching a brand new monthly comedy sketch podcast written by YOU!


Sketch, Please! is an open forum for writers and performers to take part in a monthly comedy sketch show. Send us your script and we will produce, perform and record the script for the world to hear on our podcast every month. Send us your details, and we may well be recording the show with you as a performer.

We have several segments for writers to submit for:

  1. Sketches: A straight up, radio-play comedy sketch for a cast of up to 2 men and 2 women. Keep them short and sweet. We want 2-3 minutes of mirth per sketch.
  2. Soapbox Monologues: A 2 minute character monologue. Maybe topical? Maybe with a celebrity? Definitely fun!
  3. Answers Corner: Dealing with one of life’s big questions? Rubbish at being a human being? Submit a question to our Answers Corner and receive some sound advice from our guest agony aunt.
  4. The News As You Know It: Got a fun view on current affairs? Submit a report (satirical or otherwise) to our news programme.

We’re also opening the door to performers for our sketch shows, so whether you are a writer or performer for any of the above segments, check our Submissions Page to find out how to take part!