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Series 3: Episode 7 – The Ghost of Christmas Present

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s Christmas Eve and Johnny has lost his present for Melissa! Can he find it before his sister arrives?   “Dead Drunk Detective: The Ghost of Christmas Present” was written and created by Brendan Way. It starred: Arfie Mansfield (Johnny) Kate Oswald (Betty) Steff Mann (Hairy) Charlotte Kaye (Jo) Leanna Wigginton (Melissa) Daniel

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Series 3: Episode 6 – Zombeaten

SEASON 3 FINALE! Having given up on finding booze, Johnny flees town. Now if only people would let him die in peace…   Dead Drunk Detective: Zombeaten was written and created by Brendan Way. It starred: Arfie Mansfield (Johnny) Kate Oswald (Betty) Charles Scherer (Bigfoot) Sam Irving (Frank Malone) The cast will return…with special guests

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Series 3: Episode 5 – Alcohauled

When all his scotch is stolen, Johnny needs to find booze fast. He’s never been sober as a zombie and he intends to keep it that way.   Dead Drunk Detective: Alcohauled was written and created by Brendan Way. It starred: Arfie Mansfield (Johnny) Kate Oswald (Betty) Charlotte Kaye (Jo) Sam Irving (Frank Malone) Catherine

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Series 3: Episode 3 – Deface Off

Johnny is sick, so it’s up to Betty to solve a crime. Someone graffitied The Cough Inn – was it those meddling kids?   Back for Season 3, a new episode of Dead Drunk Detective will be available to download every Wednesday in October 2017. Cast Kate Oswald – Betty Arfie Mansfield – Johnny Stumbles Charlotte Kaye – Joe

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Series 2 Christmas Special

Christmas is difficult at the best of times. But with family like this, who needs vampires, werewolves and zombies?

Series 2: Episode 6 – The Con Test

The villain has been revealed, and Johnny needs to go head-to-head with her with the fate of the borough on the line.

Series 2: Episode 5 – Rest in Pieces

There’s a psycho killer in town tearing people to shreds. And so is Johnny’s sister, Melissa. What the hell is going on?

Series 2: Episode 4 – Where Wolf

Hairy Potter, werewolf, friend and junkie, has come in to the office for help. Twice. In a case of stolen identity, its up to Johnny tell friend from foe.

Series 2: Episode 3 – No Body There

There’s a missing dead-persons case that’s got Johnny baffled, since he’s the only corpse in town likely to get up and walk away. And to top it off, his parents are visiting and they will not leave him alone.

Series 2: Episode 2 – Look Who’s Stalking

Something is lingering around Johnny, and its not the usual hangover. Johnny must get a ghostly child back to his parents, or risk being pestered for the rest of his unnatural life.