Episode 03: Stalkers, Genres and other Obsessions – SKETCH, PLEASE!

Episode 3 takes a surreal turn this week, with a platter of genre and character-based sketches sent via email from all over the internet.



Ever wondered if that really is a narrator you’re hearing? Do you get lost on the way to your hostage situation? Have you suffered from pun attacks? All these and more are discussed with in this cornucopia of comedy!

If you would like to write sketches and perform for Sketch, Please!, head to the Submissions Page where you’ll find all the guidelines, T&Cs and email addresses you’ll need. The deadline for our next episode is Sunday the 3rd April.

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325008_0c03c42092934bad9e3579347de94703Bentley Browning is a Stand up comic and a comedy teacher. He runs Comedy Novices, a stand-up course that teaches that teaches comedians from the ground up and is also the founder of Comedy for Clergy and a David Cameron impersonator. He’s appeared on everything from Alan Titchmarsh to the Green Party Political Broadcast.

279547Kate Bell is an actress and improviser with All Made Up: This Time It’s Social! They play fun comedy games and improvise scenes based on the audience’s social media presence. She has been an actor since the age of twelve and even had a regular role on Grange Hill!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 14.12.23Rebekka Turner is a stand-up performer known for her surreal and frenetic originality. She performs in Brighton regularly and can be found on Twitter at @Realleela145



Fairytale Airport by Daniel Page
Officer 1 – Kate Bell
Officer 2 – Rebekka Turner
Robin – Bently Browning

All The Bees by Steve Blair
Sarah – Kate Bell
Jane – Rebekka Turner

The Narrator by Christy White-Spunner
Narrator – Bentley Browning
Anna – Rebekka Turner
Tom – Edmund Fargher

Granny McAfee by Gareth Moore
Granny McAfee – Bentley Browning
Clair – Kate Bell
Creepy Tony – Edmund Fargher

The Execution Factor by Stephanie Weston
Madame A – Kate Bell
Madame B – Rebekka Turner
Duc – Bentley Browning

Lost Gangsters by Tim Ashworth
Hardy – Bentley Brown
Mob Boss – Rebekka Turner
Jennifer – Kate Bell
Freddie The Fingers – Edmund Fargher

Space Puns by Michael McHardy
Captain – Bentley Browning
Commander – Rebekka Turner
Lt. Shannon – Kate Bell
Lt. Christie – Edmund Fargher

Hosted by Edmund Fargher
Produced by Katharine Kerr


Episode 10: Stapesy the YouTube Gamer – ED & FRIENDS

Ed & Friends dug themselves out of the snow in New York and spoke to Video Game enthusiast and YouTuber Lee Stapleton a.k.a. IAmStapesy!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.12.58

Lee Stapleton, or Stapesy, trained as a filmmaker with Ed before entering the film industry. A suspension from work meant that Lee had a bit of time on his hands and found himself a part of three-man YouTube Channel Armed With Controllers before moving to New Zealand and starting IAmStapesy. Ed and Lee have slap-dash catch up via Skype and chat about “Let’s Play” videos and even try to sell movie plots to each other in the game “Elevator Pitch”!

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Also, here are an array of YouTube videos from Stapesy that they chat about on the show:

Episode 06: Laura the Everyday Activist – ED & FRIENDS

Episode 6 features the wonderful and insightful Laura Sterry! We talk about the big issues: Women’s Rights, roller discos and cheese!

IMG_5589Laura Sterry is a feminist, activist and creator of Translation/Transmission, a film festival which celebrates Women’s Activism across time and around the world. We chat to her about what makes an activist, the role of cultural discourse and we play “Corbyn or Camembert”! A game where Laura has to guess whether a given quote is from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or made up cheesy nonsense!

We had a great time bouncing of the walls and talking about the issues! We hope you do as well:


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If you want to know more about Shilo Shiv Suleman and her art, check out her site shiloshivsuleman.com and The Fearless Collective.

Also, don’t forget to check out Kate Tempest’s poetry at katetempest.com

Here is the trailer for Ein El Hilweh (Kingdom Of Women):

Here’s the trailer for Calypso Rose: The Lioness Of The Jungle as well:

And while we’re at it, here’s the trailer for He Named Me Malala:

Episode 01: Craig The Ninja Film Critic – ED & FRIENDS

IMG_1154Episode 1 of Ed & Friends is here! And its a doozy! Ed is joined by novelist and film critic Craig Lines.

C. J. Lines is the author of the Ninjas All The Way Down blog and a writer for several pop culture websites including Den of Geek, where he writes a monthly martial arts column. He has also written two books, Filth Kiss (2007) and Cold Mirrors (2011) and more about his fiction can be found at www.cjlines.com

Ed and Craig talk ninja movies, improv comedy and Ed even gets Craig to play some parlour games.

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P.S. Check out the three videos he refers to in the podcast! Get your headbands ready:

Ninja Squad Trailer:

Stuart Smith in The Ultimate Ninja: