Episode 09: Education, Health and other Complaints – Sketch, Please!

Sketch, Please tackles the big topics this month. Ofsted, the NHS… Princesses? Your sent us your sketches and we brought them to life with a cast of volunteers.


What pieces of wisdom should we cast aside? How far has “political correctness” spread. And who exactly is the Patron Saint of Hospital Administration? All that and more on this week’s episode of Sketch, Please!


Liz Peters is a musical comedian and artistic director of The Maydays. She has played numerous acting roles on stage and screen, from Daleks to Tina Turner to a serial killer but her dream job would be to play a mermaid. Seriously.
Jennifer Oliver recently completed ‘The Secret Life of Sally’ at the Southwark Playhouse, Lost Theatre’s ‘Five Minute Festival’ and ‘Write to Right’ at the Pleasance Theatre. She can be seen in the One Festival at The Space theatre in Jan 2017.

img_8919Emmanuel Paul Griffith has been part of the stand-up comedy scene for three years and Sketch, Please! is his first foray in to voice acting. He also has a few dynamite stories under his belt.


National Half Service by Jody Barnard
Lucy – Liz Peters
Gavin – Emmanuel Paul Griffith
Wendy – Jennifer Oliver

Satanist School Ofsted Inspection by David Keenan
Inspector – Jennifer Oliver
Principal – Liz Peters

PC Lapdance by Robert Mills
Bouncer – Liz Peters
Man – Emmanuel Paul Griffith

School Monologue by Michael Monkhouse. Performed by Jennifer Oliver

Industrial Accident by Stephanie Weston
Aurora – Jennifer Oliver
Lawyer – Emmanuel Paul Griffith

Needy Patron Saints by Lucias Malcolm and Jason Jillings
Doctor – Jennifer Oliver
Basil – Emmanuel Paul Griffith
Adrian – Liz Peters
Albinus – Emmanuel Paul Griffith
Intercom – Liz Peters

Produced by Katharine Kerr
Hosted by Edmund Fargher

Episode 25: Steve the Improv Guru – ED & FRIENDS

This week on Ed & Friends; lots of lessons and laughter from improv comedy legend and founder of  Hoopla, Steve Roe!


Steve has made a name for himself teaching and performing improvised comedy. In 2006, he and his friends started meeting above a pub in Balham and eventually created Hoopla, which has since become a comedy community with weekly shows, its own festival and a platter of classes and courses that are training and showcasing comedians in the heart of London.

Steve gives Ed a potted history of improv and chats about making things up on the spot, breaking the rules and keeping a healthy disrespect for the art form. He also shares a soon to be award winning story about some Spanish tourists and a bookshop toilet.

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Episode 06: Laura the Everyday Activist – ED & FRIENDS

Episode 6 features the wonderful and insightful Laura Sterry! We talk about the big issues: Women’s Rights, roller discos and cheese!

IMG_5589Laura Sterry is a feminist, activist and creator of Translation/Transmission, a film festival which celebrates Women’s Activism across time and around the world. We chat to her about what makes an activist, the role of cultural discourse and we play “Corbyn or Camembert”! A game where Laura has to guess whether a given quote is from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or made up cheesy nonsense!

We had a great time bouncing of the walls and talking about the issues! We hope you do as well:


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