Episode 19: 6 Month Celebration – ED & FRIENDS

This week on the Ed and Friends Podcast, Ed and producer Kat celebrate 6 months of the show with some top clips.


IMG_5265A huge thank you to all of our wonderful guests, and thanks to you for listening! We’ll be back next week with another great interview, but if you know someone unusual and brilliant you think Ed should be talking to, why not let us know! You can get in touch with us by emailing on mail@podcastadventures.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Episode 14: Miriam the Sunday Assembly Singer – ED & FRIENDS

This week Ed took in some of the shows at the South Bank Centre’s Chorus Festival

Ed and Miriam Sunday Assembly

Miriam Zendle

His guest is Miriam Zendle, a singer in London’s Sunday Assembly Choir – a secular congregation that brings people together to sing, smile and help each other out.
Miriam tells Ed all about how she found a choir with a different edge, singing pop and rock songs and building a community for social action under the motto, “Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More”
We had great fun taking part in the singalongs and talks the group held… be warned, you might hear Ed singing:
You can find out more about Sunday Assembly at www.sundayassembly.com

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Episode 12: Madeleine the Psychiatrist – ED & FRIENDS


Who wears a scarf and forgot to take a picture with this week’s guest? That guy.

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