Episode 30: Paul the Train Conductor – ED & FRIENDS

Paul Hughes was once a radio producer for the Music Control evening show, but had always been a train-nut since he was a child. So he chased his dream and became a Train Conductor, and now he is an Operations Manager of one of the largest train stations in the country.


Ed and Paul talk about the beauties of train travel, the strange things that Train Conductors witness and the sometimes dangerous and sometimes noble duty of the train conductor.

This man loves trains.

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Episode 06: Laura the Everyday Activist – ED & FRIENDS

Episode 6 features the wonderful and insightful Laura Sterry! We talk about the big issues: Women’s Rights, roller discos and cheese!

IMG_5589Laura Sterry is a feminist, activist and creator of Translation/Transmission, a film festival which celebrates Women’s Activism across time and around the world. We chat to her about what makes an activist, the role of cultural discourse and we play “Corbyn or Camembert”! A game where Laura has to guess whether a given quote is from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or made up cheesy nonsense!

We had a great time bouncing of the walls and talking about the issues! We hope you do as well:


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Here is the trailer for Ein El Hilweh (Kingdom Of Women):

Here’s the trailer for Calypso Rose: The Lioness Of The Jungle as well:

And while we’re at it, here’s the trailer for He Named Me Malala: