NEW PODCAST! Dead Drunk Detective



Podcast Adventures is proud to announce a brand new podcast. A seven part radio sitcom called Dead Drunk Detective.

In a town where the criminals are literally monsters, zombie private detective Johnny Stumbles is the one man who can straighten out a town as rotten as his flesh. With the help of his sarcastic secretary Betty, Johnny fights the crimes that only the most diabolical of monsters could commit. Whether you’re Dracula, The Bogeyman or The Devil himself; if you’ve got a problem that no one else can solve, he’s the zombie for you… once he sobers up…

Written by Brendan Way (Duck Duck Goose, The Parentheticals), we are really excited to be bringing his fantastic scripts to life in front of a live audience and releasing episodes of the show every Monday in October, culminating in an exciting double-bill finale on Halloween.

The iTunes feed will go live in the coming weeks, until then you can subscribe on Soundcloud or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to be a part of Dead Drunk Detective’s live audience, the details can be found on the Live In The Rotten Flesh page.

COMING UP… Talal Karkouti on Ed & Friends

This weekend, Ed & Friends is back with the host of radio show and podcast The LIL Show, Talal Karkouti!Talal Hat

Talal was a frustrated podcast fan working in reality TV when he decided enough was enough and took the plunge in to the world of community radio. One year later and Talal talks to Ed about growing the LIL Show in as many creative outputs he can muster, as a podcast, as a web series and as a brand.

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