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Sketch, Please! is the monthly comedy sketch podcast written and created by YOU!

We collect writing submitted by eager scribes and bring it together with talented performers to create an all-singing, all-dancing monthly variety show!


If you would like to become a writer or performer on Sketch, Please!, read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (next deadline is midnight on SUNDAY 14th JANUARY 2018). You’ll also find those all-important terms and conditions on that page.

Want to know a bit more about us? Meet the team on the About Us page.

EPISODE 1 – Dogs, Condoms and other Misunderstandings

EPISODE 2 – Theatre, Radio and other Drama

EPISODE 3 – Stalkers, Genres and other Obsessions

EPISODE 4 – Sex, Money and other Concerns

EPISODE 5 – Tea, Cake and Casual Violence

EPISODE 6 – Facebook, Dogging and Other Social Media

EPISODE 7 – Stag Parties, Pokémon and other Burdens

EPISODE 8 – Lasers, Pies and other Luxury Items

EPISODE 9 – Education, Health and other Complaints

EPISODE 10 – Technology, Dieting and other Preoccupations

EPISODE 11: Sport, Art and other Reinterpretations

EPISODE 12: Martian, Superheroes and other Jobs

EPISODE 13: Jobs, Transactions and Other Horrors

EPISODE 14: Holidays, Talking Fish and other Disappointments

EPISODE 15: Prison, Brit Pop and Other Brief Encounters

The show must go on

6 thoughts on “Sketch, Please!

  1. Hey guys
    Im a comedian and a youtuber.
    I recently made this skit, its about a university in which you learn skills which you never apply.
    Kind of like the one we go to.

    Here is the link :

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