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Comedian, nerd and film buff Ed Fargher meets ordinary people with less than ordinary lives. Hand-picked from his collection of weird and wonderful friends, he’ll get in deep with fun people and fascinating subjects. There’s a little piece of the world you never knew was right under your nose.
For updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also hear the podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.

And if you would like to get in contact, ask a question or suggest a friend for Ed to meet in the future, send an email to mail@podcastadventures.com or use any of the social media links above.

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Episode 01: Craig the Ninja Film Critic

Episode 02: Serena the Firework Queen

Episode 03: Alec the Arctic Explorer

Episode 04: Francesca the Clown

Episode 05: Keith the Hostage Negotiator

Episode 06: Laura the Everyday Activist

Episode 07: Matt the Berlin Rocker

Episode 08: Jamie the Secret Cinema Actor

Episode 09: Mike the Puppeteer

Episode 10: Stapesy the YouTube Gamer

Episode 11: Talal the Radio Presenter

Episode 12: Madeleine the Psychiatrist

Episode 13: Ross the Wrestler in Training 

Episode 14: Miriam The Sunday Assembly Singer

Episode 15: Phil the Musical Comedian

Episode 16: Jack the Tree-Climbing Author

Episode 17: Culum the Sound Designer

Episode 18: Henrietta the lovely Clean Cake Baker

Episode 19: 6 Month Celebration

Episode 20: Leigh Crocombe & Rory Vieyra

Episode 21: Rob the Psychedelic Publisher

Episode 22: Tai the Impressionist

Episode 23: Georgie and Natasha the Partially-Sighted Comedians

Episode 24: Jim and Bob the Musicians turned Writers

Episode 25: Steve the Improv Guru

Episode 26: Chris the Sitcom Writer

Episode 27: Brendan The Dead Drunk Writer

Episode 28: Leanna The Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare Actor

Episode 29: Jim the Soldier

Episode 30: Paul the Train Conductor

Episode 31: The Giggle Loop Festive Party


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