Series 3: Episode 7 – The Ghost of Christmas Present


It’s Christmas Eve and Johnny has lost his present for Melissa! Can he find it before his sister arrives?


dead-drunk-logo-xmas - Edit

“Dead Drunk Detective: The Ghost of Christmas Present” was written and created by Brendan Way.

It starred:

Arfie Mansfield (Johnny)

Kate Oswald (Betty)

Steff Mann (Hairy)

Charlotte Kaye (Jo)

Leanna Wigginton (Melissa)

Daniel Luxton (Satan)

Charles Scherer (Dracula)

This series was produced and mixed by Katharine Kerr for Podcast Pioneers

with original theme music composed by Tom Hodge

Jingle Bells Sad Christmas by Tom Mucenieks

and artwork by Aimee Sajan-Servaes

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And a very Merry Christmas from all of us!