Series 2 Christmas Special

Johnny faces his greatest challenge yet. He and Betty have to spend the holidays with his family. But something is not quite right at home, and it’s not just the gravy.

Dead Drunk Logo 2.7b

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Leicester Square Theatre, Dead Drunk Detective is here to help you get into the Christmas spirits. All of them. To the very bottom of the bottle.
Cast (in alphabetical order)
Lizzy Mace – Sarah
Arfie Mansfield – Johnny Stumbles
Kate Oswald – Betty
David Simpson – Hugh
Mark Wheeler – Mystery Guest
Leanna Wigginton – Melissa
Written and Created by Brendan Way
Produced by Edmund Fargher
Produced and Edited by Katharine Kerr
Music by Tom Hodge
Artwork by Aimee Sajjan-Servaes
Including ‘Scary Jingle Bells’, played by Toms Mucenieks:
Recorded at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, England.