Series 2: Episode 4 – Where Wolf

Johnny’s werewolf friend Hairy Potter is back, and more so than usual. Someone has stolen his identity in a very literal and physical way, and it’s up to Johnny to decide which duplicate is the real Hairy. And he’ll need the help of every bartender and vampiric noble in the borough to decide.Dead Drunk Logo 2.4

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Leicester Square Theatre, a new episode of Dead Drunk Detective will be available to download every Tuesday in October 2017.
Cast (in alphabetical order)
Charlotte Kaye – Jo the Bartender
Arfie Mansfield – Johnny Stumbles
Kate Oswald – Betty
Steff Prince – Hairy 1/Hairy2/Shapeshifter
Charles Scherer – Count Dracula
Written and Created by Brendan Way
Produced by Edmund Fargher
Produced and Edited by Katharine Kerr
Music by Tom Hodge
Artwork by Aimee Sajjan-Servaes
Recorded at Leicester Square Theatre in London, England.