Series 2: Episode 1 – Brought to Book

Johnny’s back and Betty is as furious with him as ever. Thank god Igor arrives with a conundrum for Johnny to puzzle out. But all is not what it seems. Especially at… CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN!Dead Drunk Logo 2.1

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Leicester Square Theatre, a new episode of Dead Drunk Detective will be available to download every Tuesday in October 2017.

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Mark Johnson – Igor
Arfie Mansfield – Johnny Stumbles
Charlie V Martin – A Loch Ness Monster
Kate Oswald – Betty
Steff Prince – Adam, Frankenstein’s Monster
Charles Scherer – Doctor Frankenstein
Written and Created by Brendan Way
Produced by Edmund Fargher
Produced and Edited by Katharine Kerr
Music by Tom Hodge
Artwork by Aimee Sajjan-Servaes
Recorded at Leicester Square Theatre in London, England.