Reliving Dead Drunk Detective at the Leicester Square Theatre (28th September)

Thursday night capped of our two night-run of live shows at the Leicester Square Theatre with live comedians, a full house of audience and three new episodes of Dead Drunk Detective: Live in the Rotten Flesh!

We had an absolutely marvellous time. Melanie Gayle gave us the giggles, Katie Pritchard wowed us with her dynamism and Bentley Browning brought is gallery of misfits to the Leicester Square Theatre Lounge. Thank you to all of the audience that came along for the show.

DON’T FORGET! The episodes we recorded of Dead Drunk Detective will be broadcast throughout the wonders of iTunes and Soundcloud weekly through October, starting TUESDAY 10th October with a double-bill season premiere!

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But as for the here and now, we would like to thank everyone that was involved in this year’s live productions including:

Arfie Mansfield
Kate Oswald
Leanna Wigginton
Charles Scherer
Steff Prince
Dan Luxton
Mark Wheeler
Mark Johnson
Charlie V. Martin
Charlotte Kaye
Natalie Ruginis
Joe Colgan
Lizzy Mace
David Simpson
Madeleine Hunter
Johnny Briers
Sophie Pumphrey

Georgie Morrell
Dante (aka Charlie V. Martin)
Rich Spalding
Melanie Gayle
Katie Pritchard
Bentley Browning


Brendan Way
Katharine Kerr
Edmund Fargher
Rory Vieyra
Juwel Haque

And a very special thank you to our friends at the Leicester Square Theatre. They are the very best.

And just for good measure, here are some photos of last Thursday’s wonderful evening!