Series 1: Episode 6 – Hell To Pay

The Devil is being blackmailed and expects Johnny to catch the culprits. But Johnny’s relationship with Betty is worse than ever, and then his overbearing sister Melissa comes to town. It’s looks like the drunk zombie private detective simply cannot catch a break. And then the unthinkable happens…



Recorded in front of a live audience, a new episode of Dead Drunk Detective will be available to download every Monday in October 2016.





Cast (in alphabetical order)
Catharine Haslam – Balfar
Charlotte Kaye – Joe
Dan Luxton – Satan
Arfie Mansfield – Johnny Stumbles
Kate Oswald – Betty
Mark Tindle – Korlock
Leanna Wiggington – Melissa

Written and Created by Brendan Way
Produced and Directed by Edmund Fargher
Produced and Edited by Katharine Kerr
Music by Tom Hodge
Artwork by Aimee Sajjan-Servaes

Recorded at The Actor’s Temple in London, England.