In The Can – A HUGE THANK YOU upon completing Dead Drunk Detective: Live In The Rotten Flesh

Every episode of Dead Drunk Detective is in the can! Goodness gracious.

img_8332The process has been a long labour of love since Brendan Way (actor, writer, man with jokes) approached me with some scripts he had written for a lark. Then started the hard yet hugely fulfilling hard work of recording them live for which we had no money and really only the generosity and hard work of friends old and new and indeed ourselves. And for that reason, there are some people that deserve a big congratulations and and even bigger thank you for helping us one this endeavour.

Firstly, our cast. Some playing recurring roles that carried through the entire series, others that played several roles a night in delightful character parts, and there were some that came, performed a small but vital role and dropped the mic in fantastic fashion. Namely, they are:

Arfie Mansfield
Kate Oswald
Leanna Wiggington
Charles Schrerer
Victoria Hogg
Steff Prince
Mark Tindle
Dan Luxton
Mark Wheeler
Mark Johnson
Catharine Haslam
Alex Sievewright
Mike Hutcherson
Charlie Martin
Charlotte Kaye

And they were not the only performers that worked on our live shows. We had a collection of truly marvellous stand-ups and character comedians that warmed up our audiences before we recorded each episode. They did the heavy lifting so that our work was that much easier, and for that, we are incredibly grateful. That, and they were all incredibly funny to boot.

img_0560Matthew McAloone
Sean Sellers
Wayne Lawrence
Heather Shaw
Charlie Martin a.k.a. “Dante”
Loose Brie
Valerio Miconi

And none of this would have been possible without somewhere to record the show. I would like to reiterate, we had no budget. But we needed a venue that; a) was the right size, b) technically capable of pulling it off, c) soundproof, d) comfortable for the audience, e) was actually staffed by nice and supportive people that were willing to support an endeavour like this. And when we found The Actor’s Temple, we knew we had found just the people to help us make this thing. They have been so incredibly supportive of us and all that we have asked of them in bringing Dead Drunk Detective to life, and always treated us with kindness and understanding. Huge thank you to Tanya and the gang.

And really the work is still only half done. Katharine Kerr, our producer and editor will be in the edit suite building the final episodes as she has for every episode so far. And indeed before every episode as she prepared our sound design for each live show. But more than that, she has been our stalwart and dependable pillar of audio production that has been the rock and foundation upon which this whole thing has been made possible.

dead-drunk-logo-mainAnd making us look fantastic in all of this are two people that have applied their own very specific set of skills in delightfully artful ways. The first we should mention is Aimee Sajjan-Servaes, who created some truly sticking illustrations for our cover art, somehow bringing compassion to a zombie with barely any flesh left on the bone. The other is Tom Hodge, who composed our theme music that hit the smokey noir tones with just the genre notes in all the right places. These guys not only helped us, they blew us away.

And finally, there’s the creator of this entire pocket universe we have been inhabiting for months. Brendan Way entrusted us with his baby, and engaged in a creative partnership with Katharine and I that has borne fruit as Dead Drunk Detective, a podcast sitcom. And regardless of what happens, whether it has a second series, or disappears in to the obscure corners of the internet… we bloody made it! It exists now! We have proof. And some of these creative endeavours never get past the first draft, but this one will live on. And the reason why is because Brendan was imaginative enough to create this world, was confident enough to pursue finding a platform for it, and was proactive enough to follow through this to completion and help in every way he possibly could.

And lastly, the people that came to our live shows, listened to our podcasts, subscribed on iTunes and Soundcloud (still can by the way) and are following Dead Drunk Detective on its journey. Thank you so much and PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO! The Finale Double Bill comes out on Monday 31st October! HALLOWEEN for heaven sake! If you are playing audience to Dead Drunk Detective in any way, thank you! We will be fighting to earn your continued support at every point!

It’ll be strange once Dead Drunk Detective is all finished and released. It has occupied an important part of our lives for some time. But with luck, it will rise from the depths again in the near future!

Until then, stay drunk and fighting crime, alive or dead!

Ed Fargher
Producer on Dead Drunk Detective