Episode 20: Leigh Crocombe & Rory Vieyra

This week on the Ed and Friends Podcast, Ed chats to Leigh Crocombe and Rory Vieryra from South London theatre group, The Southside Players.


Leigh talks to us about his directorial debut on their Summer Production, “The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning” by Tim Price, accompanied by cast member Rory. This play tells the story of the U.S. army intelligence analyst who leaked secret documents on the Iraq War on Terror in 2010 and was jailed for 35 years.


They catch Ed up on everything that’s happening Southside and explain why this play (and the controversial real-life events it is based upon) are a must-see for theatregoers this week.

The play is on from Wednesday the 1st to Saturday the 4th of June in Balham, South London, and you can book your tickets here via the website. You can also check out rehearsal photos and find out how to audition for Southside’s next production.

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