Month: April 2016

Episode 18: Henrietta the Lovely Clean Cake Baker – Ed & Friends

This week Ed chats to Henrietta Inman, a top pastry chef-turned bestselling author, about her new book “Clean Cakes” Henrietta explains her approach to making delicious treats from healthy ingredients. Ed finds out her inspirations, from frantic michelin-starred kitchens serving puddings to princesses…. to cloud forests, cacao and good old Suffolk produce. Then Ed’s culinary

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Episode 17: Culum the Sound Designer – ED & FRIENDS

Ed’s old buddy Culum Simpson joins him in the studio to talk about the nitty gritty of Sound Design and the off-the-wall thinking required for the job!

Episode 16: Jack the Tree-Climbing Author – ED & FRIENDS

Jack traded a job behind a desk for a job up in the trees, and not only that, he wrote the book on the subject! This week, Ed chats to one of child oldest friends about the joys of Tree Climbing!

Episode 04: Sex, Money and other Concerns -SKETCH, PLEASE!

Episode 4 of Sketch, Please! lands with a ker-ching and a schwing with the latest sketch show collated from internet submissions!

Episode 15: Phil the Musical Comedian – ED & FRIENDS

This week, Ed chats with musical comedian Phil Lunn about comedy, characters and learning to do it all solo.