Episode 11: Talal the Radio Presenter – ED & FRIENDS

This week, Ed is joined by mastermind and host of The LIL Show, Talal Karkouti!


Would you quit your job and move back in with your parents to chase your dream? That’s what Talal did. A little over a year ago, Talal was fed up of working in pubs and being a runner on reality TV programmes, but dreamed of having a podcast like those he listened to. Then he took the plunge started a radio show on K2K Radio. Since then, The LIL Show (standing for “London Improv Live”) has grown from weekly community radio to a rapidly growing podcast and the subject of YouTube web series, but not without some big changes. He talks to Ed about the highs and the lows of taking the leap in your late twenties. It’s honest. It’s inspiring. There are rude words. And you can listen right here:

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Here’s the web series that Talal was so rubbish at talking about:

And here’s that inspiring Jim Carrey speech:


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