Episode 12: Madeleine the Psychiatrist – ED & FRIENDS


Who wears a scarf and forgot to take a picture with this week’s guest? That guy.

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Episode 11: Talal the Radio Presenter – ED & FRIENDS

This week, Ed is joined by mastermind and host of The LIL Show, Talal Karkouti!


Would you quit your job and move back in with your parents to chase your dream? That’s what Talal did. A little over a year ago, Talal was fed up of working in pubs and being a runner on reality TV programmes, but dreamed of having a podcast like those he listened to. Then he took the plunge started a radio show on K2K Radio. Since then, The LIL Show (standing for “London Improv Live”) has grown from weekly community radio to a rapidly growing podcast and the subject of YouTube web series, but not without some big changes. He talks to Ed about the highs and the lows of taking the leap in your late twenties. It’s honest. It’s inspiring. There are rude words. And you can listen right here:

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Here’s the web series that Talal was so rubbish at talking about:

And here’s that inspiring Jim Carrey speech:


COMING UP… Talal Karkouti on Ed & Friends

This weekend, Ed & Friends is back with the host of radio show and podcast The LIL Show, Talal Karkouti!Talal Hat

Talal was a frustrated podcast fan working in reality TV when he decided enough was enough and took the plunge in to the world of community radio. One year later and Talal talks to Ed about growing the LIL Show in as many creative outputs he can muster, as a podcast, as a web series and as a brand.

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Episode 02: Theatre, Radio and other Drama – SKETCH, PLEASE!

Episode 2 of Sketch, Please! is here with a bold bunch of fun-loving sketches sent via email from all over the internet.


Ever wondered how it would sound if the characters recorded the DVD commentaries of their own movies? Have you ever been tempted to call in to a radio station? What do you think of creepy Transylvanian hunchbacks? These are the questions our talented writers have answered in our show!

If you would like to write sketches and perform for Sketch, Please!, head to the Submissions Page where you’ll find all the guidelines, T&Cs and email addresses you’ll need. The deadline for our next episode is Sunday the 28th of February.

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James Le Lacheur (@JamesLeLacheur) is an actohead15br and improviser most commonly to be found singing to the rafters with Multiverse (@MultiverseImpro). He also recently starred as James in ‘James and the Giant Peach’ at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester.

57Kanan Barot is a regular performer with the Southside Players in plays such as The Calendar Girls and Steel Magnolias. she first joined the company 25 years ago and has been a part of the community ever since. She even met her husband there!

TTalal Hatalal Karkouti is an actor and comedian with his own radio show, podcast and web series, The LIL Show (London Improv Live) where they have guest improv groups chatting and performing every week. He also performs with improv group Panicky Tack.


Commentary by Luke Johnson.
Announcer – James Le Lacheur
Presenter – Kanan Barot
Hulk – Talal Karkouti
Old Man – Talal Karkouti
Batman – James Le Lacheur
Robin – Kanan Barot

NHS Direct by Mark Daniels
Rachael – Kanan Barot
Kevin – James Le Lacheur

The End of The Play by Daniel Page
Mercurius – James Le Lacheur
Helena – Kanan Barot
Husband – Talal Karkouti
Peasant – Talal Karkouti

Alice Caruthers by Sayde Scarlett. Performed by Kanan Barot

Evil Assumptions by Edmund Fargher
Igor – Talal Karkouti
Mina – Kanan Barot

Doubtful Director by Stephanie Weston
Actor – James Le Lacheur
Director – Talal Karkouti

She Loves The D by Luke Johnson
Michelle – Kanan Barot
Glenn – Talal Karkouti
Jarvis – James Le Lacheur

Hosted by Edmund Fargher
Produced by Katharine Kerr

THIS SUNDAY… Sketch Please Episode 2!

Get ready, because the second episode of Sketch, Please! lands this Sunday! Comprised of sketches submitted by the general public, we had a great time recording your hilarious sketches with voice over artists Talal Karkouti, Kanan Barot and James Le Lacheur!


Left to Right: Talal Karkouti, Kanan Barot, Ed Fargher and James Le Lacheur

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