Episode 09: Mike the Puppeteer – ED & FRIENDS

This week on Ed & Friends, Ed has a very special guest in the form of filmmaker, improviser and puppeteer, Mike Hutcherson.


Proof that Mike can make a puppet out of anything.

Since watching Labyrinth as a child, Mike’s interests have been three-fold: comedy, story-telling and puppetry. As a student, Mike learned about narratives, mythology and theatre. As a man he has juggled filmmaking and puppeteering careers that have taken him everywhere from Disney to his own improv troupe Glitch – The Improvised Puppet Show. Ed and Mike chat about it all, with more than a few laughs on the way.

DISCLAIMER: By virtue of talking about Labyrinth as much as we do, we talk a bit about the beloved and recently departed David Bowie. The recording itself took place a week before his death, but we kept this segment in as we felt that it paid tribute to his work and his person in a way that inspired us as children and still inspires us today.

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You find out more about Mike, check out his Twitter Page. If you want to see the fantastic Glitch, their gigs are posted on their Facebook Page.

Don’t forget to have a look at the sketches Ed and Mike have been filming on Hoopla’s YouTube Channel:

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