Ladies and gentleman… Sketch, Please!

Podcast Adventures are launching a brand new monthly comedy sketch podcast written by YOU!


Sketch, Please! is an open forum for writers and performers to take part in a monthly comedy sketch show. Send us your script and we will produce, perform and record the script for the world to hear on our podcast every month. Send us your details, and we may well be recording the show with you as a performer.

We have several segments for writers to submit for:

  1. Sketches: A straight up, radio-play comedy sketch for a cast of up to 2 men and 2 women. Keep them short and sweet. We want 2-3 minutes of mirth per sketch.
  2. Soapbox Monologues: A 2 minute character monologue. Maybe topical? Maybe with a celebrity? Definitely fun!
  3. Answers Corner: Dealing with one of life’s big questions? Rubbish at being a human being? Submit a question to our Answers Corner and receive some sound advice from our guest agony aunt.
  4. The News As You Know It: Got a fun view on current affairs? Submit a report (satirical or otherwise) to our news programme.

We’re also opening the door to performers for our sketch shows, so whether you are a writer or performer for any of the above segments, check our Submissions Page to find out how to take part!

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